A short weekend outing to the Lake District.


We set out from Patterdale early, while the morning gloom hung low in the valley.

Although we carried a cautious optimism, we were aware that thunderstorms had been forecast for later that day.

I’d never actually been on a walk within the Late District prior to this venture.

The views were more impressive than I’d anticipated, with a sense of scale that rather threw me.

Low clouds rolling between the peaks only added to this, flowing in over the ridges and down towards us.

By some dumb luck, the weather cleared once we reached the top.

I’d have taken more shots from the top if I wasn’t petrified of heights.

Some might question why on earth someone would bother climbing a mountain with that sort of fear.

And I’ll be honest, it really did present a challenge.

But overcoming that fear, with encouragement from some close friends, made for a rewarding experience.


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